Why Lenovo for Cloud Solutions



3 Steps to Build the Right Cloud Ecosystem

  • Choose the Right
    Cloud Solution

  • Deploy Effective
    Endpoint Devices

  • Implement Effective Device Management and Security

The Right Cloud Solution for Your Business

Departmental interoperability and seamless collaboration are some of the main factors to consider when identifying a Cloud solution that works for you. With the option of various Cloud computing environments, choose what best suits your business.

Private Cloud

For organizations that demand strict security, latency, regulatory and data privacy levels.

Hybrid Cloud

For organizations that demand greater operational flexibility and scalability.

Public Cloud

For organizations that demand application and on-demand hosting for microsite and application.

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Endpoint Devices that Complement Your Cloud Infrastructure

Organization's endpoint devices are gateway to the Cloud. Be it private, hybrid or public Cloud, it needs to be supported with devices that have robust security and connectivity features. Given that an organization has different kind of users and devices for each of them, it's mandatory to make sure they are Cloud compatible.

Mobile Users

For those who
are always on-the-go.

Non-mobile Users

For those who are limited
to a desk space.

Specialist Users

For those who need unique
features and specifications.

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Effective Device Management and Security for Your Devices

With a highly mobile workforce that needs to access office networks from anywhere, anytime, IT departments are challenged to drive effective policy enforcement, and control.

Endpoint Device Management

Solutions from preloaded and built-in technology to powerful, partnership enabled solutions for Think PCs.

Data Security and User Authentication

Solutions from built-in technology to simple and effective protection services for Think PCs.

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5 Reasons Why Lenovo is a Difference Maker

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