3 Essentials of Mobility

Uncompromised Productivity

Given that the new age workforce are expected to be able to work effectively from anyhwere, anytime, their organizations should equip them with the right devices to do so.

For Lenovo, productivity is a culmination of these three core capabilities


Combination of processing power, memory, and graphics.


Combination of form factors, docking solutions, and modes of usage.


Combination of ports and WiFi connectivity and built-in LTE-A.

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Reliable Durability

Just because the devices are sleek and good looking doesn't mean they have to compromise on durability. End computing devices should be an extension of the end user and should be able to adapt to their requirements.

Finest Materials

Made up of materials ensuring lightness, ruggedness, and better device performance.

Innovative Technology

Consistent technology enhancements to ensure that the end computing devices are adept to meet the requirements of new age workforce.


MIL-SPEC tested with additional in-built technology make Lenovo devices sturdy and reliable.

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360o Security

Just because the employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere and have access to organizational resources at all times, it doesn't mean that the IT departments should be burdened to enable this.

User Access Control

Ensure PC access for authorized personnel only.

Port and Physical Protection

Prevent data theft from USB or other access ports on company PCs.

Data Protection

Prevent data theft and loss.

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Lenovo Solutions for Workforce Mobility

End User Computing

Devices built for mobile employees need to be sleek without compromising on functionalities or performance. These also need to have advanced connectivity options and be durable enough to manage everyday bumps and knocks.

Cloud Solutions

Organizations are relying more on Cloud solutions to improve infrastructure efficiency, lower operating costs, and reach more customers. A good Cloud infrastructure can quickly deploy IT solutions and applications and respond faster to emerging opportunities.

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